Anniversary Sale at Nordstrom the first day

Michael Normart
3 min readJan 5, 2021

My Journey in the Footwear Industry that lead me to Zappos #52

In Blog #51 I talked about about my first Anniversary Sale at Nordstrom In this blog I want to talk about Anniversary Sale at Nordstrom the first day.

Usually on a normal day we would run a list all day but the Anniversary Sale was a whole different animal. We started out with a list but after a few minutes it was on. We had so many people, Martha would ask if we could wait on two customers at the same time! It was madness but I loved it!

Record sale

Then it happened…a guy came in with his wife and she wanted to try on my favorite shoe, the Cole Haan “Dunbar”. I could sell this shoe like it was free. I brought out my four pairs, all Dunbars lol. She loved it. She asked me what other colors it came in, some of the colors were still upstairs for some reason, so I ran up there and turned the corner and ran right into some low hanging metal duct work and it almost knocked me to my feet.

Stars in the daytime

I saw stars but I was ok. “Got… to… get… down… there” I was saying to myself. I was hoping I wasn’t bleeding, or had a big red mark on my face. Got down there with the new colors and she couldn’t decide which colors to buy. Her husband said “ if you like them…