Building a Shopify Store

In Blog 268 I Talked about how the Etsy site gained steam. In this blog I am going to talk about Building a Shopify site

My wife asked me the other morning what my blog was about now. It got me to thinking about it a little more in depth. Originally I stated this in my about me section:

“This is my journey in the footwear industry that shares tips on what I’ve learned starting from when I began in 1980.

I start out with my adventures in store management with three different companies and on to my 11 year run with Nordstrom. I had many wonderful mentors at Nordstrom and strengthened my buying skills. Finally I share my amazing 18+ year journey at Zappos and continue to what the future may bring.

I’m sharing my journey for those who are hoping to get into the shoe industry, or for those who are looking for tips from an old shoe dog.

I hope you enjoy! Mike”

So I think the same message is still there. If you have followed me since the first blog you know that everything that I experienced, shaped me in some way or fashion to who I am today. My hope was that by sharing my experiences it could help others. Now…