Having a great Right Arm person

My Journey in the Footwear Industry that lead me to Zappos #125

Michael Normart


In Blog 124 I talked about Building a great team. In this blog I wanted to talk about The importance of having a great Right Arm person.

The floor was starting to gel and business was starting to get better in the process. My First Asst. Came in and informed she was leaving. She felt she wasn’t making enough of an impact and things were too stressful for her. I had worked with her before as she was a Pacesetter in Arden Fair when we opened the store. Truth was she was capable but I wanted to support her in her decision.

Meanwhile Daryl was upgrading his team too. Jeannie and Duoc who I had worked with before in San Francisco were now on his floor. Terry had made some great hires too so overall the women’s footwear group was looking pretty good.

Lucky moment

One day I was in our stockroom and found a guy named Larry checking on some shoes for his customers. Larry was from the Stonestown floor. We started chatting about Excel Spreadsheets for Schedules and we hit it off right away. He was interested in how I used formulas to make it easier. We geeked out on that together and right away formed a mutual bond.