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Michael Normart
3 min readFeb 16, 2024

Here is my New Journey in becoming a Sommelier #275

In blog 274, I delved into Level two sommelier course.. Now, let’s talk about the journey to get is live.

Ah, the journey with Vino-Rater has been quite the ride! From snagging that perfect URL to dusting off my WordPress skills, it’s been a whirlwind of excitement. Sure, I’ve toyed around with Instagram, TikTok, You Tube, Threads Facebook and the likes, figuring out what clicks with folks, even diving into video content. And let’s not forget the quizzes — a fun way to engage with the wine community.

Securing the URL:

Securing that URL was like striking gold — Vino-Rater just had that ring to it, you know? And crafting the site? Well, that’s been a labor of love. From breaking down varietals to exploring regions and nailing down food pairings, it’s been a journey of discovery. And those You Tube videos? A work in progress, but hey, I’ve got two loyal subscribers — shoutout to the wife and daughter!

Scoring System

I decided to use a version of the famous 100 point system for my reviews that is common in the wine world. To rate them properly you look at a few key components and points you will award for each:

  • Color score (1–15)